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January 15, 2015

cakeSalted Caramel Mousse Cake – Yellow cake is soaked with a sweet cognac syrup, filled with salted caramel mousse and thick ribbons of caramel. It’s covered in vanilla bean buttercream, salt flakes, and more caramel.

Special OccasionThis is actually my Strawberry Squared cake all dressed up. Inside it looks something like this…

Strawberry SquaredThis cake is extremely strawberry and delicious. It’s a very strawberry cake with an even more strawberry filling. It’s all cloaked in my vanilla bean buttercream.

Chocolate Coconut CakeThis cake is simple yet quite lovely. It’s a deep chocolate cake, thin layer of chocolate ganache, and coconut rum buttercream. Divine. To order, click here.

Chocolate NapoleonVery chocolately cake, chocolate and amaretto creams, chocolate tuile, almonds, and cocoa nibs.

Chocolate NapoleonFor the chocolate lover in you. To order these for an event or just because, simply send an email to me at

Key Lime White Chocolate TartsThese key lime white chocolate tarts are amazing. Think key lime pie with a dose of white chocolate to balance out the tartness. It’ a beautiful balance. These were for a baby shower to welcome Baby Jase! To order these for an event or just because, simply send an email to me at

White Chocolate Raspberry BrowniesThese were also for Baby Jase. His mom & dad LOVE sweets, especially berries and white chocolate. So here, we have White Chocolate Raspberry Brownies. Yummy!

July 24, 2014

So it’s been well over a year since I’ve updated this page? Wow! Do forgive me!

Here’s a few things to give your taste buds to ponder on. There will be plenty more in the coming weeks to view on the main page.

All pro photos are by the lovely Janet Howard! The grainy ones are by me (womp womp woooommp).

Feel free to order anything you see here. Some things are pretty brand spankin’ new, so you may have to request pricing. Thank you!

Bacon Caramel
Order Online

These babies were the hands down faves from my Caramel Tasting that occurred in April. They are bacon-y, chipotle goodness with chewy buttery caramel as a platform. Get some!

Cognac Caramel Cake

Speaking of caramel, this Cognac Caramel cake made some new friends at a Memorial Day wedding this year. It’s vanilla sponge cake, soaked in cognac syrup and layered with vanilla bean buttercream, and thick ribbons of vanilla bean caramel.

Graham Dip

This is perhaps one of my favorite desserts this year. House made graham crackers, and a brown sugar-apple-brie dip. It’s a winner, and quite pleasing to palates! Try some!


Here’s a good one! Well, they all are… Shortbread crust, passion fruit filling, raspberry compote, toasted meringue, and edible gold. YUM!


Lastly, we have onyx wafers, sweet camembert mousse, chocolate shards, coffee caramel, and fleur de sel, better known as salt. These were served at college graduate party.

That’s all for now. Please stay tuned to the rest of the blog, Instagram (DessertBoutiqueATL), Facebook (, and Twitter (@DessertBoutique) for more sweet updates!

July 2, 2013

Guess what I’ve got? Dessert! Duh.

Here goes.

Choc Mousse

In terms of simplicity, this one’s a winner. Dark chocolate cake, sweet chocolate mousse filling, and white chocolate mousse buttercream. A dream.


Some More…

Photos by Janet of!

Pottery Barn 2013

PotteryBarn - 1

PotteryBarn - 3

PotteryBarn - 4

PotteryBarn - 5

PotteryBarn - 6 PotteryBarn - 7 PotteryBarn - 8 PotteryBarn - 9 PotteryBarn - 10Rum Punch prepared by Lyght House Cocktails, and EVERYONE loved it!

April 16, 2013

Check out some desserts from an earlier dessert table.

Key Lime Pies

Key Lime PiesChocolate Creme Shooters

THE BEST Chocolate Creme Shooters ever in life! (chocolate crust crumbled beneath a dark chocolate mousse, fudge, and whipped cream)

Meyer Lemon Puddings

Meyer Lemon Pudding

Lemon White Chocolate Bruschetta

Lemon White Chocolate Bruschetta

Foglio_Dessert Card

You read it. Strawberry mousse topped with fresh macerated strawberries.

Meyer Lemon Puddings

Cool pic of the puddings. Strawberry Shooters

Heart Whoopie Pies

Red Velvet Heart-Shaped Whoopie Pies

April 11, 2013


This past winter I met Summer. Meet Summer aka “The Wedding Therapist” aka The Bert Show wedding correspondent aka wedding planner and designer extraordinaire (people don’t sleep on her) aka so much more.

She did a Girl’s Night Out event where brides were invited to come check out vendors, drink a drink, bite a bite, and so on.


A pleasantly strong lime libation.

My special dessert dip. Check it out!


Cinnamon sugar doughnuts – one of my favorite things to make.


Spiced Krispie Treats



April 10, 2013

Planning an intimate gathering of sorts? Our Dessert Suites are perfect from every occasion from dinner parties and supper clubs to baby showers. We’ve made sure that multiple palates are pleased by including an array of flavors in each package. Simply choose according to the number of guests you’re expecting.

$95 – 4 to 6 guests
Two – Double Siftees!
Two  – 7″ Pies
One dozen Vanilla Bean Madaleines

$155 – 8 to 12 guests
One – 8″ Carrot Cake or Caramel Cake
One – 8″ Butterscotch Brownies
Two – 9″ Banana Cream and Chocolate Silk Pie
Two dozen cookies – Snickerdoodles and Scoobees

$295 – up to 15 guests
One – 8″ Chocolate Truffle Cake
Two Pies – 9″ Brandy Apple Pie & 9″ Cranberry Cream Tart
One – Family Size Peachy Cobbler OR One – 9″ Sweet Potato Cheesecake
Three dozen Cookies – Chopped Chocolate, Oatmeal Rum Raisin, and Dexter

April 9, 2013

Here’s some inspiration in the form of dessert, color, and style. Lots of love goes out to Brian Green of F&G Events!




Thanks for viewing! If you have any questions, feel free to email

July 11, 2012

Here’s a look at some photos from my most recent magazine shoot. It was for Oh! Brides Magazine, and it went beautifully – if I do say so myself! The shoot was done at Summerour here in Atlanta. The place is absolutely gorgeous! If anything, I’d move in before teasing myself by roaming the place for only a night. That place deserves my devotion and continuous presence. And oh yeah, I’d allow you to rent it for a mere $6000 a night (wink!). Photos by the magnificent Melissa Prosser!

Thanks for the look-see! More photos coming soon.


March 11, 2012

Sift! is now offering morning pastry! This is perfect for morning meetings of all kinds. Even better, we deliver them right to the office. So, you brew the coffee and we’ll do the rest. There are plenty of muffins and scones to choose from such as our oh-so-popular Banana Nut Muffins and Strawberry Scones. Place an order today!

Pictures coming soon.

February 5, 2012

Mocha Latte is Back!

Order for a java jolt! For your sheer enjoyment, this cake comes in all sizes from Siftee! to Full Sheet.

Dark chocolate cake layers, fresh vanilla cream, ribbons of freshly made caramel, and my Espresso Hot Shot buttercream.

Have a great Football Awards Day!

January 24, 2012

It’s National Peanut Butter Day!

Hi, Guys!

I’ll keep this short, peanut buttery, and sweet!

Chewy Peanut Butter Cookies

$7.50 per dozen

(regular price – $11.50)

Today Only (through 11:59 pm)! Online Orders Only.

Take advantage and Order Now!

January 20, 2012

Straight from the strawberry Archives – Fresh Strawberry – Siftee! and larger sizes.

Buttery yellow cake, fresh strawberry filling, and vanilla bean buttercream.

January 17, 2012

Here’s a thought. Try something different this Valentine’s Day! Chocolates hold an eternal place in our hearts, memories, and taste bud recall. I get it. However, once you try and/or give this Strawberry & White Chocolate Mousse Tart, you’ll be dealing with the task of finding more room in your ticker…

Sweet pastry shell envelopes a white chocolate mousse filling topped with strawberries. Has Valentine’s Day written ALL OVER IT!

January 9, 2012

Need a non-cliche gift for Valentine’s Day? Look no further. Seriously – who wouldn’t want to see this baby coming?! I suggest it for anyone that has working taste buds…

Calling all chocolate lovers! This cake is straight out of chocolate dreams that comes from chocolate heaven. It’s 6 layers of deep dark chocolate cake, and alternating layers of white and dark chocolate mousses, and covered in a chocolate ganache. Can you handle it?

Order one now! You can even reserve one for Valentine’s Day – Tuesday, February 14, 2012.


November 18, 2011

Actual Assortment not shown.

Need an idea for a delicious edible gift? Try our Holiday Cookie Assortment!

You can’t go wrong with 3 dozen cookies. The flavors included in the assortment are Chopped Chocolate Walnut, White Chocolate Oatmeal Cranberry, Gingerbread, Caramel Apple, Dexter, and Scoobies. The cookies are divided amongst 6 cookie sleeves, and all 6 sleeves arrive gift-wrapped.

Order today!  678 234 7659

October 10, 2011

Here are some photos of a recent dessert table. The color scheme is orange, white, and silver and the beautiful lighting accentuated the chic look of the desserts and table perfectly. There were apricot and raspberry petit fours, cinnamon-orange macarons, white chocolate dipped marshmallows, orange lavender panna cotta, and wedding cookies!

Be inspired! Feeling inspired and ready to move forward? Give us a call at 678 234 7659 or email for a quote!

Isn’t this gorgeous?

Thanks for looking! Let us know if you’d like Sift! to design your dessert table. Custom and menu desserts available!

678 234 7659

September 15, 2011

As you know, we design dessert tables. From the simple, to the elaborate, to the completely over the top, our dessert tables are dessert heaven. Here are some pics for your eyes to feast on. Grab an idea! Call Sift! for your next event. – 678 234 7659

German Chocolate Brownies

Hope you enjoyed the views!

July 29, 2011

While this baby isn’t new by any means, it certainly is a classic. If  you are a more traditional dessert lover, then feast your eyes on the American Classic. Yellow cake brushed with raspberry jam (THE BEST RASPBERRY JAM YOU’LL EVER TASTE!), soft pillowy chocolate buttercream, topped with chocolate curls and fresh raspberries.

Peanut butter lovers, take a stand!

Now shipping! These make YUMMY-DELICIOUS and extremely thoughtful gifts. Send these off to your favorite peanut butter lovers today! Meet our Scoobies. They are chewy peanut butter cookies with peanut butter/dark chocolate ganache centers and they are yummy! I made these for a recent dessert table, and 2 ladies kept coming back to the table for these. One kept claiming she was getting one for a relative. I think not! All of those relatives were obviously in her tummy (o: How do I know? I caught her eating a Scoobie that was supposedly for her grandson while she was standing behind a plant. It’s okay to admit to a weakness anything Sift! Scoobies are shipping nationwide, and are delivering city wide here in Atlanta.

Dessert Tables

In need of a dessert table? Whether it’s a client gift, a birthday gift, or the perfect ending to a dinner party, rest assured our dessert tables fit every occasion. Dessert tables start at $200 and include a minimum of 3 desserts, floral enhancements, utensils/napkins, and table covering. Dessert tables can be as simple or as elaborate as you like! Talk to us and let us know what your vision is and we’ll get to work.

FAQ #1 – Yes, the desserts in this photo are real (o: If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Our dessert tables are not only beautiful, but absolutely delectable.  678 234 7659 – –

In case you haven’t joined me on Facebook, here’s an update on The New, The Bold and the Delicious…

Have you met Charlie?

Well, sneak a peek below. He’s done a cameo or two on the Sift! menu. He chocolatey (devil’s food cake and covered with dark chocolate ganache) and peanut buttery (mousse layers) and liable to drive you wild! Call and order one today!


678 234 7659


This cake is so dang good that I didn’t even want to send you a sexy picture of it all dolled up and uncut. She may look frazzled in the picture, but you won’t even care once you take a bite. It boasts 3 layers of super fluffy and moist pineapple cake, vanilla bean pineapple filling, ultimately balanced by cloud-like coconut buttercream. She’s light. She’s all about summer. She’s the New  “It Girl” @ Sift! Her name is Penelope and you’ll love her! Order today!

Key Lime Pie!

It’s that time. Summer is approaching and so are a windfall of key limes. When life deals you key limes, you gotta squeeze ’em! So that’s what we’ve been doing around here, and our triceps and biceps thank you!

This key lime pie is creamier than most, and even better, we do not slight you on the tang! It’s topped with decorative dollops of cream and slices of key lime. If you’re a key lime connoisseur, then Sift!’s key lime pie should definitely be on your radar.

While you’re at it, try the key lime cheesecake, too!

For more pie selections, click here to take a peek!

Click here for cheesecakes.

Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Cheesecake

April 11, 2011

Hi Guys! I would like to introduce you to Elenore, Strawberry Elenore, that is.

Sexy, isn’t she? Elenore boasts vanilla sponge cake brushed with strawberry syrup, cream mousseline and fresh strawberries topped off with a layer of white chocolate ganache. Go on. Pick up the phone and dial 6-7-8-2-3-4-7-6-5-9. I’ll be waiting.

Love & Biscuits, Cupcakes!


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Easter will be here soon!

You’ll LOVE our apple cupcakes with creamy cinnamon cream cheese. Trust us on this one!

Early orders are discounted. Save $5 when you order 1-2 dozen and $10 when you order 3 dozen or more now thru April 18th! Delivery only.

678 234 7659

Love & Biscuits, Cupcakes!


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